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The general public as well as landowners and farmers should be aware of or have an understanding of the legal implications outlined in the Weeds Act 1959 and what obligations you have if ragwort is found to be growing on your land. The law states that you may be legally obliged to clear and prevent the spread …

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CRB Check

A CRB check is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to work in certain occupations and employers will check to make sure that potential employees are suitable to work for their organisation. A CRB report will search the police database and identify whether they have received any criminal convictions or cautions in the past. The …

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Gardening Leave

Gardening leave is a term used in employment law and is used in a situation where an employee has left their job but they are asked to stay away from the workplace through their notice period. During this time, the employee will be paid as normal but they must either work at a different location, from home, …

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Unfair Contract Terms

Businesses and individuals who create contracts cannot incorporate unfair contract terms into their contracts which could potentially place you at a disadvantage. There are various pieces of legislation that can be used to offer an added layer of protection to consumers and some of these will be explored in this guide. The Unfair Terms in Consumer Regulations 1999 The …

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Animal Liability

Anyone who keeps an animal is duty bound, even if they are considered to be a non-dangerous species to prevent them from causing harm to others. Animal liability defined under civil laws and is governed by tort law relating to disputes between two parties. Any disputes which relate to liability for animals is dealt with through the civil courts. There are …

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